Property Tax Appeal Service - Is Your Property Overassessed?

Lower Your Property Tax With A Property Tax Appeal

Over 25% of American homes are overassessed each year, which results in drastically inflated property taxes. All taxing authorities are required by law to allow property owners to dispute their tax assessment if they believe it is too high.'s Property Tax Appeal Service allows you to instantly check if your property is overassessed and estimate your potential tax savings. Even if you can't appeal your taxes now, we will email you when you when an appeal becomes available. Filing a successful property tax appeal results in an average savings of $1,346 per year.

If You Are Overassessed
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If You Are Overassessed
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We can help you write and send a successful property tax appeal.
We will alert you via email for free when it's time to appeal
We can refer you to a tax lawyer

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Are there any significant issues with the building or property that may affect its assessed value? Example: Fire or water damage, drainage issues, traffic noise, zoning restrictions, etc.

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