Pennsylvania State Income Tax Data Sheet


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Tax Bracket (Single) [2] Tax Bracket (Couple) [3] Marginal Tax Rate
$0+ $0+ 3.07%

Note: Pennsylvania's income tax has a single flat tax rate for all income.

Like 14 other states, Pennsylvania allows cities and other localities to collect a local income tax in addition to the Pennsylvania Income Tax. The average income tax rate for counties and large municipalities, weighted by total personal income within each jurisdiction is 1.25%.

Pennsylvania State Income Tax Deductions

Income tax deductions are expenses that can be deducted from your gross pre-tax income before determining your taxable income.

Pennsylvania Standard Deduction

Unlike many other states, Pennsylvania has no standard deduction. Certain itemized deductions (including property tax, qualified charitable contributions, etc) may be allowed depending on the income level and filing type of the taxpayer. Keep in mind that not all deductions allowed on your federal income tax return are necessarily going to be allowed on your Pennsylvania income tax return.

Pennsylvania Personal Exemptions

Pennsylvania has no personal exemption. The Federal Income Tax, however, does allow a personal exemption to be deducted from your gross income if you are responsible for supporting yourself financially.

Pennsylvania Dependent Deduction

Unlike most states, Pennsylvania does not have a dependent deduction. You can, however, claim dependent deductions on your Federal Tax Return.

Pennsylvania Itemized Deductions

Unlike the Federal income tax, the Pennsylvania income tax does not allow itemized deductions. You may claim the Pennsylvania standard deduction if applicable, and specific deductions may be available to Pennsylvania taxpayers as limited deductions or tax credits.

Pennsylvania State Income Tax Data Sheet


© 2019

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Important Tax Addresses:

Income Tax Returns (Refund Requested)
Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
Refund/Credit Requested
3 Revenua Place
Harrisburg, PA 17129-0003 ;

Income Tax Returns (Payment Enclosed)
Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
Payment Enclosed
1 Revenue Place
Harrisburg, PA 17129-0001 ;

Income Tax Returns (No Payment and No Refund)
Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
No Payment/No Refund
2 Revenue Place
Harrisburg, PA 17129-0002 ;

Income tax Extensions of Time to File
Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
Bureau of Individual Taxes
PO Box 280504
Harrisburg, PA 17128-0504;