Louisiana State Income Tax Data Sheet


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Tax Bracket (Single) [2] Tax Bracket (Couple) [3] Marginal Tax Rate
$0+ $0+ 2.00%
$12,500+ $25,000+ 4.00%
$50,000+ $100,000+ 6.00%

You can deduct tax paid to local jurisdictions like parishes or municipalities. Unlike other states which have eplicit standard deductions and personal exemptions, Louisiana has a combined exemption that serves as both a standard deduction and personal exemption.

Louisiana State Income Tax Deductions

Income tax deductions are expenses that can be deducted from your gross pre-tax income before determining your taxable income.

Louisiana Standard Deduction

Unlike many other states, Louisiana has no standard deduction. Certain itemized deductions (including property tax, qualified charitable contributions, etc) may be allowed depending on the income level and filing type of the taxpayer. Keep in mind that not all deductions allowed on your federal income tax return are necessarily going to be allowed on your Louisiana income tax return.

Louisiana Personal Exemptions

Louisiana's personal income tax exemptions include a personal exemption of $4,500.00. You can deduct one single exemption from your gross income if you are responsible for supporting yourself financially.

Louisiana Dependent Deduction

Louisiana has a dependent exemption of $1,000.00. You may claim one dependent exemption for each of the children, relatives, or others who live with and are supported by you as described § 152 of the IRC (Internal Revenue Code).

Louisiana Itemized Deductions

Louisiana allows itemized deductions, and you can claim the same itemized deductions on your Louisiana tax return as you do on your Federal tax return. You must choose between itemizing your deductions and choosing the Louisiana standard deduction, so it's generally only worth itemizing your deductions if your itemized total is more then the Louisiana and Federal standard deductions.

Louisiana State Income Tax Data Sheet


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